Passport Renewal – Everything You Need To Know

Are you planning your next overseas trip? Are you planning a business trip or a well-deserved vacation? Before you pack your bags and begin making trip preparations, there is one item you must have on hand: your Passport Renewal.

Passport renewal may not be the most fun aspect of vacation preparation, but it is a necessary step to guarantee that you may travel the world without difficulty. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about passport renewal, from eligibility and requirements to the application procedure, typical mistakes to avoid, fees, and more, in this thorough guide. So, let’s go on this expedition together and make sure your passport is ready for new experiences.

Eligibility and Requirements

Who is eligible for passport renewal?

Passport renewal is possible for United States citizens who satisfy specific requirements. In general, you can renew your passport if you meet the following criteria:

  1. Your present passport is not destroyed or lost in any way.
  2. You received your current passport when you were at least 16 years old.
  3. Your existing passport has been valid for the previous 15 years.
  4. If your existing passport is under your present name, you can lawfully change it.

If you fulfill these requirements, you are most likely qualified for passport renewal. If your issue is more complicated, such as a damaged or missing passport, you may need to go through a separate procedure.

Documents required for passport renewal

Current Passport: You must include your most current passport with your renewal application.

Passport images: Two recent passport-sized images that fulfill the specifications (we’ll go over these in more detail later).

Renewal Application Form: Complete Form DS-82, Application for Passport by Mail. This form can be completed online or in person at approved locations.

Proof of Name Change (if applicable): If your name has changed since your previous passport was obtained and you can’t legally record the change, you’ll need to show documentation (e.g., marriage certificate, court order).

Renewal charge: Determine the appropriate renewal charge based on the type of service required and the type of passport being renewed.

Application Process

Let’s go over the passport renewal procedure step by step now that you have all of the essential documentation. The application can be done online or in person at a Passport Acceptance Facility.

Online vs. In-Person Renewal

For qualifying candidates, the US Department of State provides an online renewal option. This is usually the quickest and most convenient approach. However, there are several circumstances in which an in-person renewal is necessary, such as:

Your previous passport was granted when you were under the age of sixteen.
Your prior passport was destroyed, lost, or stolen.
You are unable to offer legal papers in order to alter your name.
Because of its ease and timeliness, online renewal is strongly suggested if you are qualified. Here’s how you do it:

1. Filling Out The Renewal Application Form

Fill out Form DS-82 on the Department of State’s website. This form will request personal information from you, such as your name, date of birth, and contact information. Make certain that every piece of information is double-checked for correctness.

2. Gathering Required Documentation

Gather all of the necessary paperwork, including your passport, passport photographs, and evidence of name change (if applicable).

3. Photo Requirements for Passports

Passport images are an essential component of the renewal procedure. They must fulfill certain specifications, such as size, backdrop, and stance. These photographs may be taken in a variety of pharmacies, post offices, and photographic studios. You can also shoot your own images, as long as they fulfill the standards given on the Department of State’s website.

4. Payment of Renewal Costs

The cost of renewing your passport varies depending on criteria such as the kind of passport, processing speed, and any other services you may require. For the most up-to-date fee information, see the Department of State’s website.

5. Application Submission

If you are qualified for online renewal, submit your application electronically by following the instructions on the Department of State’s website. You’ll get a confirmation email with advice on where to send your old passport.

If you need to renew your passport in person, look for a Passport Acceptance Facility near you. This might be a post office, library, or clerk of the court. Call ahead to clarify their operating hours and whether an appointment is required. Bring your completed application, supporting documentation, passport photographs, and the needed costs when you appear in person.

Processing Times and Expedited Options

Passport renewals typically take 4-6 weeks to process from the moment the application is submitted. If you need your passport right away, you can pick fast processing. There is a cost for this service, however, it can considerably cut processing time to about 2-3 weeks.

If you have an upcoming trip, it’s critical to consider processing timeframes while renewing your passport. It is best to apply well in advance to prevent any last-minute issues.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Even the most organized people may make blunders when renewing their passports. Let’s go through some typical mistakes to avoid in order to have a pleasant experience:

Application form Mistakes

It is critical to thoroughly study your DS-82 form before submitting it. Mistakes or omissions might cause your application to be delayed or even rejected. The following are examples of common errors:

  • Incorrect dates or misspelled names.
  • Information that is incomplete or missing.
  • We’re using an out-of-date form version.

To avoid these mistakes, take your time filling out the form and consider having it reviewed by someone else for accuracy.

Incorrect Passport Photos

Passport photographs must fulfill stringent Department of State specifications. Common photographic blunders include:

  • Using photographs that do not meet the standards for size and composition.
  • Wearing glare-inducing spectacles.
  • Wearing face-obscuring head covers (except for religious or medical reasons).

To prevent problems, get your passport photographs shot by a professional who is knowledgeable about passport photo regulations. Furthermore, additional instructions may be found on the Department of State’s website.

Missing Documents

Another typical blunder is failing to provide needed documentation with your application. Check that you have your current passport, passport images, and any supplementary papers for name changes, such as a marriage certificate or court order (if applicable).

Failure to Comprehend the Renewal Procedure

Confusion and errors might occur if you do not completely comprehend the renewal procedure. Make sure you understand your eligibility, the necessary documents, costs, and processing times. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Department of State or a Passport Acceptance Facility.

Download the e-form which helps you to fill out the application form offline and upload the documents later.

  • Login to the Passport official Portal. 
  • Go to the section Forms and Affidavits menu on the homepage and click on the Download application form. Then choose the new or reissue of the Passport option.
  • Fill out the downloaded e-Form application with all the necessary details. 
  • Once the form is fully completed, click the Validate & Save option. An XML file will be generated which you need to upload to the system later.
  • Go to the Upload e-Form section option and upload the XML file. Make sure to upload the XML file and not a PDF format as it is not accepted by the system.
  • When the upload is finished, click the link to pay and make an appointment to visit the passport office.
  • Select the correct Passport office location.
  • After booking your preferred appointment date and time at the selected Passport office, it will take you to the online payment page. You can choose to pay through a Credit/Debit Card, MasterCard & Visa, or Internet Banking.
  • You must print out the application receipt with the Application Reference Number (ARN) or Appointment Number after the payment has been made as well.
  • Bring all original paperwork with you to the passport office.

Both process is done through the passport official portal. Once you have registered on the passport portal you need to log in with your email ID after registering you can just go directly and log in and apply for a new passport.  

What is the fee structure for the renewal of a passport?

ServicesFees for the application *Paid to the U.S. Department of State
Adult Passport Book $130
Adult Passport Card Not valid for international air travel. Valid only for travel by land and by sea to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean.$30
Adult Passport Book & Card $160

How can I track my passport renewal application process?

After all the processes, such as a personal interview at the passport office, have been completed, it will take 30 days for your passport to be approved and sent to you. Until then you can track your passport renewal status online.

To track the status of your passport renewal application in the United States, you can use the online tracking system provided by the U.S. Department of State. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Visit the U.S. Department of State’s official website for passport services.
  2. Look for the “Track Your Application” or “Check Application Status” option. This may be located under a section titled “Passport Services” or “Track Your Passport.”
  3. Click on the designated link to access the tracking system.
  4. You will be prompted to enter specific information related to your application. This may include your last name, date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number.
  5. Once you’ve entered the required information, click on the “Submit” or “Track” button to proceed.
  6. The system will then provide you with the current status of your passport renewal application. This may include information such as whether your application has been received, is being processed, or has been dispatched for delivery.

Whether traveling for pleasure or work, a passport is a necessity. So, if your passport’s validity has passed, choose online renewal as soon as possible. Additionally, bear in mind the information above so that you can renew your passport online without any hassles.

What are the passport renewal rules?

  1. Eligibility: Passport renewal is typically available to individuals who currently hold a valid passport, or whose passport expired within the last five years. If your passport expired more than five years ago, you may need to apply for a new passport instead of a renewal.
  2. Age: Different rules may apply for minors (under the age of 16) and adults (16 years and older). Minors often have different renewal requirements and may need to submit additional documents, such as evidence of parental consent or proof of parental relationship.
  3. Renewal Timeframe: It’s advisable to renew your passport well in advance of any planned travel. While processing times can vary, it’s generally recommended to submit your renewal application at least six to eight weeks before your intended departure date.
  4. Application Form: For passport renewal, you typically need to complete the appropriate application form. In the United States, adults use Form DS-82, while minors use Form DS-11. These forms can be obtained online or from your local passport agency.
  5. Supporting Documents: You will generally need to provide your current or expired passport, a recent passport photo, and any additional documentation required based on your circumstances (e.g., name change, address change). Always refer to the specific requirements outlined by the passport issuing authority.
  6. Fee Payment: Passport renewal usually involves a fee that must be paid at the time of application. The fee amount depends on factors such as the type of passport being renewed (e.g., regular adult passport, passport card) and the requested processing speed.
  7. Application Submission: You can submit your passport renewal application by mail or in person at an authorized passport acceptance facility or agency. Check the official website of your country’s passport agency for specific instructions on where and how to submit your application.

However, a new passport is issued in the following circumstances:

  • When Your Passport is Lost
  • It Has Been Stolen
  • You Have a Damaged Passport
  • Page Exhaustion Personal Information Change

Passport Renewal Fees

Type of Passport RenewalFeeAdditional Costs (if applicable)
Adult Passport Renewal (Form DS-82)$130Execution Fee (In-person): $35
Expedited Processing$60Expedited Delivery (Optional): $17.13
Child Passport Renewal (Form DS-11)$130 (Children under 16)Execution Fee (In-person): $35
Expedited Processing (Child)$60Expedited Delivery (Optional): $17.13
Please keep in mind that costs are subject to change, so be sure to visit the Department of State’s website for the most up-to-date information about Passport Renewal Fees.


Finally, you can easily update your passport through an online process. You can renew your passport in one of two ways: by filling out the online application form and sending it immediately, or by downloading the electronic form, filling it out offline, and uploading it later. You must submit the required paperwork and pay the required fees for both procedures. Depending on whether you need to renew your passport on a regular basis or urgently, there are several pricing structures.

Depending on whether you have changed your address or any other personal information, you will need different documents for passport renewal. Generally speaking, you will want your previous passport, self-attested photocopies of particular pages, validity extension pages (if necessary), and paperwork establishing the new address (if applicable).

It typically takes roughly 30 days for your passport to be issued and mailed to you once you have finished the application procedure, including any necessary interviews at the passport office. You may check the status of your application online during this period by going to the passport site and providing the application type, file number, and the applicant’s date of birth.


1. How much time should I expect to wait to renew my passport?

Within 10 to 30 business days after submitting all necessary paperwork, you may expect to get your renewed passport.

2. Should I visit an agency to renew my passport?

Not required. The new passport application procedure is entirely online and is very easy for everyone to comprehend. You may complete all the necessary information and make an appointment online. Therefore, it is not necessary to see an agent or middleman in order to renew your passport.

Q3: Can I renew my passport if I have unpaid child support?

A3: If you have a considerable amount of unpaid child support, you may be unable to renew your passport. Before applying for renewal, it is best to settle any outstanding child support obligations.

Q4: Am I allowed to travel while my passport is being renewed?

A4: No, overseas travel should not be planned while your passport is being renewed, especially if your present passport has expired. Before making trip plans, wait until you have your new passport in hand.

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